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Houseplant of the Month

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also commonly known as the zz plant, is a member of the Araceae, the arum family. It’s a perennial with feathered leaves that grows to a height of 40 to 60cm. The leaves on the thick stems are smooth, shiny and dark green. The plant can flower, but rarely does in home environments, unless it is seriously neglected, as a survival technique. The arum-like flowers will then grow from the base of the plant.

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Employee of the Month

Anmolvir Singh 

IT/Design Contributer 

Anmolvir is a key contributer of Botanical Beginnings' website. His work ethic, determination, and creativity is what keeps this company fluid and open to new, spontaneous ideas. He is also the creator of our mascot, Billigan the Bee.

Meet Billigan

Billigan the Bee represents the importance of bees for our environment.

As an eco-friendly, nature-loving company, we wanted to raise awareness and recognition of bees and how the provide food and resources. Although they sting, they are crucial to our environment!


Upcoming Tradeshow

January 29, 2021

Botanical Beginnings is excited to be participating this year's first tradeshow! With new packages, fresh ideas, and a close-knit team, Botanical Beginnings hopes to meet new firms and make sales to promote eco-friendly hobbies and environmental safekeeping.

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About Us

Inspired by our teacher’s struggles of keeping plants alive, we decided to create an experience for beginner planters like him to begin planting, with no hassle! At Botanical Beginnings, we’ve created planting kits that are fully supplied with anything to help beginners start planting. Our selection of flowers, herbs, and succulents ensure that you’ll find the perfect plant for you! Just follow our website’s guidelines for the level of care each plant needs to see what will work for you. Then, we’ll send you seeds, pots , soil and any other tools your plant will need to grow indoors. Whether you want to add more life into your apartment, a personal touch to your cooking, or are just looking for a new hobby, we provide tools to help you be successful! So, now that we’ve taken root, let’s grow together!

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Want to become eco-friendly and environmentally woke? Check out our Go Green page to gain insight on ways to contribute to the environment! 

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Stay in touch with Botanical Beginnings! 

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Our CEO Scores Big!

Our CEO, Kirithuga Shanumgananthan, placed in the top 25% for all of her elevator pitches and a received a score of 4/5. Through her dedicated and valiant effort, she made the Botanical Beginnings team proud.

Meet the Team!

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